Innovative and reliable mining roof support Solutions


Founded in 2017, Mohlalefi Engineering designs, manufactures, supplies and installs safety structures, roof tendons and anchors for underground mining operations. Mohlalefi Engineering is a pioneering manufacturer and supplier of innovative, lifesaving and reliable roof support and safety solutions for the mining industry. We are a Level 1 BBBEE company that is 100% black owned and managed.


Mohlalefi Engineering uses an innovative manufacturing process to create mining roof support systems that are superior in performance compared to our competitors in terms of strength, functionality and overall performance.


Mohlalefi’s Anchorflex has been developed as a support tendon …

Cable Anchors

Hydroflex are flexible high-tensile steel strands…

Fast Grout

M500 is a high early strength pumpable grout with good flow capabilities…

M600 TSL

Thin spray liner is a chemical-based layer or coating…

Tendon Based

Tendon supports are installed in rock by grouting…

Product Patents

Mohlalefi holds four patented products as a part of its product…

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The three pillars of Mohlalefi Engineering are Passion, Growth, and Excellence.